Specializing in the production of A2 grade fireproof board production line
Many years of production experience, products throughout many industries, covering a number of industrial cities, won the majority of customers praise.
Provide customers with product processing solutions, technical guidance for 14 years of quality assurance
A series of optimization solutions for high-end automatic production and measurement equipment and design production and processing process for customers

2008 year
We will focus on R & D, production and sales of aluminum plastic plate production line equipment.

2011 year

The fourth generation aluminum plastic plate production line has been developed successfully. The production capacity of the equipment is increased by several times and the speed is 10 m / min. Annual sales of more than 20 production lines.

2013 year

Our product A2 fire-proof composite plate continuous production line has been successfully developed to fill the domestic gap and sold at home and abroad.

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Zhangjiagang de Mei Si Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Xincheng Industrial Park, Jinggang Town, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province
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Zhangjiagang Demeisi Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd located in Zhangjiagang City Jiangsu Province which near the cities which economic is developed, such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou City. It’s near the Yangzi River and Shanghai Port, convenient transportation, good conditions for machine manufacturer. DMS company mainly produce complete production line, such as A2 core complete production line (including the formula), A2 steel, aluminum, copper metal composite panel two functions production line, 3 D board production line, honeycomb panel production line, stainless steel and aluminum sheet embossing machine, stainless steel , aluminum sheet slitting, levelling and film covering machine. Aluminum coil pretreatment, single coating, double coating+three colors coating line, six coating and five baking+ three colors coating production line. Homodromous conical twin screw high capacity extruder( 75 type, 85 type, 95 type, 105 type, 120 type); mixture machine, plastic washing and recycling machine, granule machine plastic crushing machine. Heavy steel, aluminum, copper stacker, and so on. Our team will try our best to make our customer satisfied, we will work hard and give perfect, good quality, thoughtful and fast service to the customers, let’s us unite in a concerted effort and grow up together!
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